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There are many items found in Metin2. To help you find the item you might be looking for we have broken up this page into the following ten categories:




Boss Chests[edit]

Image Item Origin Description
Soon.. Soon.. Soon.. Soon..

Treasure Boxes[edit]

Image Item Origin Description
Soon.. Soon.. Soon.. Soon..

Ebony Boxes[edit]

Image Item Origin Description
Soon.. Soon.. Soon.. Soon..

Other Chests[edit]

Image Item Origin Description
Moonlight Treasure Box.jpg Moonlight Treasure Box Alternatively drop at event. A piece of furniture with a rich, impressive decoration. When moonlight falls on this chest, supernatural things happen.
Mysterious Chest.jpg Mysterious Chest Can be received at an event at the Fisherman in exchange for a living Carp.
If they get in the mini event Petri Heil the fishermen in exchange for 15 any grilled fish.
A chest with a strange engraving that resembles a letter.
When it opens, jumps out a bit.
Storage Chest.jpg Storage Chest Item-Shop Enlarges the camp for two rooms.
Hexagonal Treasure Chest.jpg Hexagonal Treasure Chest Can be received at an event. Will drop from any monster. A box wrapped in fine paper. When shaken, it rattles inside.
Boss Chest.jpg Jewelry Box Fire Power No informations yet.
Unknown Old Chest.jpg Unknown Old Chest Metin of Murder on 6th floor in Demon Tower It contains the right key, you are teleported to the next floor.

Fishable Items[edit]


In order to be able to use and stack the fish, you have to kill them (except for small fish). To do this, click with the right mouse button on the fish in the inventory. Different things can happen:

The fish dies and the dead fish remains in the inventory The fish disappears in the depths of the water (can happen anywhere even in the desert) You get bones You get a shell You get a worm You can grill the dead and the living fish over a campfire (available from fishermen for 20,000 yang).

Item Shop Items[edit]

Item Shop[edit]

Item-Shop is a shop where you can buy items or assistance which they cannot be traded or purchased in the game. They can be bought with Dragon Coins (Dr), and Dr can be bought with real money(euros). Through the acquisition of such items or assistance you get Dragon Marks(Dm). The player gets dragon marks after he waste dragon coins, for example for 20 Dr you get 20 Dm. If you collected enought Dm you can buy some bonus items. Among bonus items you can buy Blessing Scroll too. The item shop is found after the login on the [Home Page]. Since 30 July 2021 players can buy items from Item-Shop directly from the game. To get to Item-Shop from game you need to press the spinning red sphere on the left bottom of the display or from the game menu by pressing Esc. Dragon Coins can be purchased by PayPal, credit cards (in PayPal window), direct bank transfer.

Note: Some items from the item shop may also be found in-game, alsom some item shop items can be tradeable.


Image Item Info Tradable? Price
32px-Reinforce item.png Reinforce Item Adds a new bonus to an item. An item can have a maximum of 4 bonuses. Yet the adding of a bonus can also fail. No 99 Dr
32px-Enchant item.png Enchant Item Removes the bonuses from one of your items and adds new ones. No 59 Dr



Other Items[edit]

Image Item Origin Description
Grapes of Wrath.png Grapes of Wrath Quest, Lykos, Scrofa, Bera, Tigris, Mahon, Bo, Goo-Pae, Chuong, Chief Orc's Box, Nine Tails' Chest Increases rank points by 300 (cooldown time: 24 hours).



Quest Items[edit]


Spirit Stones[edit]


Upgrade Items[edit]